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The Amazing Anthony

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Unsolicited Testimonials


Thank you so much Tony. You certainly made my birthday party. My guests, both adults and children, are still talking about your performance and wondering how you read their minds.I thoroughly reccommend you.

The most enjoyable Mind Reader that I have seen!
Love his stuff!

Tony, you're a brick, in the best sense of the word! You gave 110% (OK my maths is bad...) and I am so grateful. Much appreciated - the Magic Circle people are in for a treat .. or two....

Great Moroccan Dinner Party last nigth with magic by Tony, aka Ali Khazam, showing off his magic skills. Quite impressive actually. Great night.

Ali Khazam pulled it off big time. The audience even resorted (and failed) to find out the secret of Ali's magic on their smart phones.

A lovely evening 🙂 well done Tony for stepping up and demonstrating your mind reading skills.

Well done on your performance last night, it was great to see and I loved your creative inputs, performing for magicians and friends is no easy task!

The first night at our new venue with a very entertaining presentation from our very talented Tony Hawkins enjoyed by everyone. Thank you from us all Tony, thank you to everyone who was game and joined in and made a night an even better one.

Unsolicited Testimonials

Amazing evening, thanks to our very own Tory Hawkins for entertaining us with his unique mind reading skills. Grand job.

Great night, smashing venue, lovely food, and great show. And amazing bear. How does he do it?

Well done Tony - good job X

I love it. I don’t know how he does any of his tricks!

Anthony was marvellous. He captivated us all with his charm, wit and wonderful magic.
Thank you.

Thank you so much for the excellent lunch with ‘The Amazing Anthony’. As far as I know, entertainment is a first and it was an excellent idea.

Unsolicited Testimonials

Yesterday’s lunch was great fun. Thanks for organising it. Still can’t work out how he did it!

We all need to thank you. Had a great meal and the magician was ‘magical’.

Anthony genuinely deserves the epithet 'AMAZING' - Because he is!!

Anthony really was amazing. He kept my restaurant customers thoroughly engrossed. Absolutely reccommended

Anthony is Fab

I could feel Anthony inside my head!

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